Last season Liverpool vs Arsenal produced two of the best games of the year. In fact, the Premier League season opened with a 4-3 win to Liverpool and set a tone that would be followed throughout the year. This time around they have both had very similar starts in that they have struggled to get wins but have been free scoring at times.

They were both involved in 3-3 draws in their opening games, after which they were both in 1-0 games, with Arsenal losing theirs and Liverpool winning theirs. This is a game that both teams really need to win, but one that you suspect will be more costly for one team than the other.



Liverpool have been solid this season. Not everything has gone their way, but without Coutinho, one of the best attacking midfielders in the world, they have done a good job. Mane has been an integral part of the Liverpool squad as expected, and Firmino has also stepped up.

This is a squad that has grown a lot in the last year and with the addition of Salah, who is finding his feet, they are set for a big season. I would like to see more from Salah with regards to his finishing, because that’s an area where he seems to lack a killer touch. I would also expect more from Wijnaldum and don’t quite understand why Milner has been left on the sidelines and Moreno has been given a chance.

But strange tactical choices aside, Liverpool have a very good team and once that starts to click together then they will challenge for the Premier League title. The only question hovering over them right now is whether or not they can perform against the bigger and better teams and going up against a struggling but talented Arsenal squad, this is the perfect time to test that.


Arsenal have a lot to lose here. Typically, they would treat an early season away game to Liverpool as one where a draw was the best they could hope for and a loss was nothing to worry about. But if they lose this game then that will mean they have taken just 1 point from their first three games, which is terrible.

Arsenal are struggling and it could make for a very disappointing season. Some of the players that have performed so well for them in the past are now struggling to find their feet while the likes of Giroud, who still have that game-winning potential, are struggling to get off the bench.

Wilshire is another player that Arsenal could really use right now, assuming he was on form. But the other day he was given a chance in the Under-23s and he ended that chance by being sent off and then getting caught in a controversial shoving contest with an opposition player.

Ozil hasn’t quite shone as we know he can and while Lacazette is looking like a very good signing, he’s not going to perform if he doesn’t get the supply. There are too many weaknesses in this squad and when you combine the fact that morale is very low and confidence is rock bottom, then it’s going to be very difficult for Arsenal to turn things around, especially against Liverpool.

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